Left Bank Costs Tens of Million Dollars to Test Water Entertainment Marketing

A few days ago, the left bank apparel announced that its high-end idol drama "Ornate", which was shot with huge amounts of money, will be broadcast on March 2 as "Custom Opera". This is ZUOAN's first trial water entertainment entertainment marketing model. It is also an attempt by Chinese apparel companies and large-scale professional film and television companies to conduct all-round deep cooperation.
Depth Custom TV Play

It is reported that unlike previous brand sponsorships, this drama is based on the development of the ZUOAN brand, which demonstrates ZUOAN's brand development history and reflects the entrepreneurial history of its founder Hong Jinshan, a deeply customized drama. The three main characters gathered in mainland China and Taiwan’s popular idols of fashion, film, and television. They were starred in the popular combination of Gao Yixiang, Li Xueqing, and Li Xinzheng, and exhibited the charm of the T stage.

In this regard, ZUOAN costume executive chairman and chief executive Hong Jinshan said that at present, China's TV drama market is maturing, demand for domestic idol drama has become a scale. As a classic fashion show, the colorful T-table and mysterious model circle are the best carriers for the show to reflect fashion and youth.

Try a new model of entertainment marketing

Nowadays, the connection between entertainment and marketing has become more and more close, and companies have become increasingly important in the selection of marketing methods and methods. In the Chinese clothing industry, although some companies have already started exploring in this area, most of them focus on more conventional methods such as sponsoring clothing and naming, and integrating ZUOAN with professional film and television companies. The entertainment marketing methods of icing on their own brands are still rare.

“This is determined by the combination of ZUOAN brand's own characteristics, target audience, and market changes. It is also a series of measures taken by the ZUOAN brand after it has developed to a certain scale and stage to further expand the domestic and international markets and seek a broader world. At the same time, the emotions of the fashion industry and the modelling industry reflected in this drama are also in line with my own experience and fashion concept.” Hong Jinshan introduced, “Ornate Family” is a “inspirational drama for young people” The target audience is very consistent with the stylish and dynamic characteristics of ZUOAN apparel.

“In the future, ZUOAN will also make more new attempts in entertainment marketing, striving to make the brand's strategic upgrade and development more stable, and be able to have more innovative spirit and have a broader space for development. Hong Jinshan said.

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