Cheryl lace bra perfect embodiment sexy goddess

Sorell is from the European design underwear brand , many years of international brand cooperation and foreign top design team so that Sorel can keep pace with the international fashion. In the pursuit of fashion at the same time, Song Ruier also emphasizes the cost, so that everyone can get the best fashion experience with the lowest cost.


European luxury romantic sweet bloom, eyelashes lace embellishment to strengthen the chest line, deep V low collar design allows you to show the perfect chest line, water-soluble lace Enhance Look three-dimensional.

歌瑞尔蕾丝文胸 完美化身性感女神

Stylish lace element is full of Rococo elegant retro style, coupled with traditional Chinese embroidery process, to enhance the corset is a sense of fashion and degree, bow and crystal embellishment allows you to incarnate elegance of the goddess.

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