O wild Panther children spend happy childhood a beautiful childhood

Fujian Leopard Children's Products Co., Ltd., a Sino-foreign joint ventures, is the largest manufacturer of children's clothing in Fujian Province professional manufacturers, founded in 1989. The existing staff of 480 people, 17.5 million yuan in fixed assets, plant area of ​​8,523 square meters, the output value of 41 million yuan, the output of 1.2 million sets (pieces), profits and taxes 5.2 million yuan. For five consecutive years the company was awarded the "Shishi City advanced enterprises" and "contract and keeping promises," "a credit enterprise", "Shishi key enterprises." At the same time also been awarded the "Ministry of Agriculture total quality management standards", "provincial advanced township enterprises", "province 100 stars township enterprises", "provincial and township enterprises export large foreign exchange earnings", "Quanzhou advanced enterprises", "Quanzhou before 100 best value for money industrial enterprises "and so on. In 1994, Cai Dongsheng, Chairman and Managing Director of the Company, won the title of "National Township Entrepreneur" by the Ministry of Agriculture. Over the years, companies to introduce Western Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other advanced equipment. Has been formed from weaving to finished products one-stop advanced production lines. Its "wild leopard" brand children's clothing series, in addition to exported to East, Western Europe, South, North America, the Middle East more than 10 countries and regions; and major cities in major cities in the establishment of joint sales counters and counter distribution outlets 280, In the same industry sales topped the list, the products by the vast number of consumers, for six consecutive years won the domestic Trade Ministry, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, the National Consumer Association and other seven departments awarded the "most Best-selling product "," best-selling product "," customer's satisfaction award "and other awards more than 80 item. Since 1993, the company has received over 30 leaders including Wu Bangguo, Hua Guofeng, Wang Zhaoguo, Wang Guangying, Wang Hanbin, Wang Bingqian, Fang Yi, Li Ximing, Yang Dai Ru, Lu Jiaxi, Hu Ping and Wu Wenying, On June 24, 1994, Comrade Jiang Zemin, general secretary of the Party Central Committee and president Jiang Zemin visited the company to give a positive assessment of the company's progress and wrote an inscription for the company. In the company of "quality for credibility, innovation and development, management for efficiency" as its purpose, so that "wild leopard" children's clothing accompanied by millions of children spend happy and beautiful childhood!

7D Meiwa PVC embossed with printing tablecloth

Thickness for pvc: 0.20~0.23mm

Size: 137cm, 140cm

Packing: 1.  20m/roll, 30m/roll

              2.  wrapped with supper clear film outside directly;

Use :Home, Hotel, Wedding, Party,outdoor,restaurants,teahouse,cafe,etc


1. Waterproof, oilproof, heat resistant, wear resistant, non toxic, durable, easy to clean and care
2. Hang down naturally, will not wrinkle
3. Vivid Steric patterns, lifelike, fashionable
4. Hundreds of attractive designs for your choice.

5.Built an elegant or active atmosphere for you.

6.Beauty in appearance and cheap in price.Our best service relied on our reliable quality.

7D Meiwa Tablecloth

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