Poetry banana women's 2012 winter models to create popular commuter queen

Lai Shi-banana women's integration in the latest fashion elements of nature, and into the rich cultural connotations, with a distinctive, unique, harmonious design principles, with a stylish and lively form of expression, personality, and self-display, advocacy comfortable, natural diversified fashion clothing style.

诗丽蕉女装2012冬款 打造通勤人气女王

诗丽蕉女装2012冬款 打造通勤人气女王

In the design of poetry banana women's pursuit of simplicity, natural, comfortable, abandon cumbersome and alternative, pay attention to fashion and harmony, pay attention to fit in style, whether it is work, rest or gathering, poetry banana women will make people feel around To the wearer's self-confidence and beauty.

This is a new technology for the carpet range. It can be make in any design and any color as you like. This is a picture of art. You can ask for any style you like, such as fashionable, retro, dreamlike, Abstract, Nature style and so on. Different designs with different color combination, bring you the beautiful felling and happy mood. The anti-slip backing also make your heart feel at ease and comfortable. 

Digital Printing Carpet with its colorful, gorgeous eye-catching appearance, by the people's love, to beautify the people's life has an important role. Due to strong sense of three-dimensional, rich layers, adaptability and gradually into people's attention. Three dimensional printing products as a result of innovative products, the pattern of performance out of the original pattern of performance, in the market with considerable flexibility

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