Cotton coat + leggings winter Korean children leisure ride

This site on December 20th, the coat is a must-have item in the winter, if you want to wear a distinctive sense of fashion, then you must learn some skills. Xiao Bian for everyone to support strokes, coats with leggings and shoes or short skirts, Korean Fan children casual beauty, very warm and practical dress.

Elegant Korean pink wool coat, court-like gorgeous feeling

Elegant Korean pink wool coat, court-like gorgeous feeling, hit the color of the sleeve design, is definitely the bright spot of this dress, with a dark inside the ride sweater and white slim trousers, is definitely the highlight of the street.

An orange pink down jacket with an elegant atmosphere. Hooded design

An orange pink down jacket with an elegant atmosphere. Hooded design, relaxed version, never rigid, lower body with slim feet pants, distributed a strong sense of fashion.

Beige cotton jacket, hooded style, warm and thick. Grey white shirt

Beige cotton jacket, hooded style, warm and thick. Grey and white bottoming shirt, wearing white leggings, accompanied by shoes, fresh and neat is very beautiful.

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    Kids Dress Shoes are also called ladies shoes or doll shoes. It is literally pure, cute and sweet. This style of shoes is mostly flat and wedge shoes. There are few high-heeled shoes. Princess shoes emphasize Simple, feminine, so the color is more than beige, khaki, pink and other soft colors, the toe style is generally round head, on the popular elements, decorated with bows and flowers, highlighting the sweet style.

    Genuine Leather Kids Dress Shoes With T-bar Sizes

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