Hai Wei children's clothing brand 2013 spring and summer new conference ended successfully

Hai Wei positioning the "international trend of children's wear" children's wear brand, ushered in the new spring and summer 2013 release, representatives from across the country once again gathered in Xiamen, for a four-day concentration of the meeting. Meeting on the current situation and future development of children's clothing all-round perspective and analysis of prospects, proposed Haiwei children's wear shaping the "international fashion brand children's clothing," the determination and confidence, and Hoi Wei outlets laying and market development pattern made a deep analysis , Resonate. Hai Wei Wei children's clothing company will also be based on the spring and summer 2013 product and market expansion plans, to do a comprehensive brand promotion strategy, step up publicity efforts to enhance Hoi Wei brand in the Chinese market visibility. At the same time, through a series of online and offline interactive activities, promote the Wei Wei brand and consumer relationships and enhance brand reputation, so as to prepare for the 2013 autumn and winter peak season harvest conditions. Hai Wei brand also brought a full range of terminal operators for combat real-time courses, training course analysis to explain the current overall operation of the Hai Wei shop operations, the problems that exist, and the urgent need to solve the problem, interact with the dealers , And reached a consensus to solve the problem. In addition, the Company will also strengthen the systematic management of terminals and carry out real-time analysis and countermeasures on goods loading, promotion and brand environment through sales management, strengthen team management and training, support and strengthen the team of dealers and standardize the market of Haiwei Operational processes to enhance the infiltration of the brand market, to create international children's clothing first brand. Hai Wei international trend of children's wear "blooming fun2013 spring and summer new release" to open a new children's fashion decoding. Ho Wai brand director of research and development, Mr. He Qinglong Hai Wei Wei spring and summer of 2013 new products were introduced, followed by a spectacular panoramic children's clothing show kicked off, dealers accompanied by a little fluorescent admission, the scene shrouded in a unique dream of Paris atmosphere. Hai Wei from France, Paris, children's wear brand, its spring and summer 2013 theme lock Dream Paris, Paris to start the full range of product development and design. The difference with the previous seasons is that this season Hai-Wei children's clothing will be the original five series of further integration of products, concentrated into four series --- family gatherings, weekend outing, home-school, fashion sports. Hai Wei 2013 spring and summer children's clothing products in color, design elements and the use of fabrics with the past, there is a big difference. First of all, the use of color, design elements and fabrics to distinguish between the various series at the same time, the concatenation of the series of spindles, making each series more prominent theme, series feel stronger. Second, the division of the series in the version, the style design also breakthroughs the first few quarters of the product structure of a single form, dating, school home series added a narrow version of the weekend outing and fashion sports series still maintained the past Loose style. Haiwei 2013 spring and summer fabrics more abundant than ever before, a variety of environmentally friendly, comfortable, healthy fabrics are cleverly integrated into the use of various series of products, more close to each series of the theme expressed for children's Fashion and health to provide basic protection.

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