Follow the stars learn to dress XXEZZ "I'm OK! Girl" wonderful start of the national challenge

Launched by the world famous celebrity magazine "OK! Wonderful", the British fashion brand XXEZZ full glory presented "I'm OK! Girl followed the star dress National Challenge" a few days ago wonderful start. As the world's largest celebrity well-known celebrity magazine, "OK! Wonderful" heavy launch of this event is designed to focus on star celebrity dress example, setting off a new wave of popular wear nationwide.

阿瑟斯 - XXEZZ

"OK! Wonderful" As a celebrity fashion magazine that advocates socialization and sharing, from red carpet to social, from the party to the street, in-depth subtle net global hot star fashion outfit, fully embodies the real light fashion culture With high quality celebrity fashion style. The planned "follow the star dress" theme activities, eager to find the same glitz star, bright shiny OK! Girl, they are concerned about the star dress, they love to wear fashion, they are willing to share, emphasize the real wear And the power of texture, so that fashion is full of color and positive energy. The overall name of the event The British fashion brand XXEZZ stems from the British-style and Italian Slim cut, combined with the essence of Britain and Italy, interesting, innovative and diversified design makes XXEZZ a fresh and prominent brand, also runs through The whole field of OK! Girl wear fairy children fashion frontier spirit.

The first "XXEZZ I'm OK! Girl to learn from the star dress National Challenge" aims to focus on fashion gathering in China, starting from the ancient capital of Xi'an in a hundred years, after Chongqing, Wuhan and other cities of the four major selection, and ultimately return to Beijing, Brilliant brilliant all the way to capture the beautiful fashion girls wear the best fashion moment. Activities throughout the hairstyle sponsored by Sebastian and the National Salon portrait support. The event designated the Internet platform for the QQ space, microblogging depth partner for Tencent microblogging. Wireless new media strategic partner for viva. It is reported that the four major challenge channel has been opened all the channels, September 15, the first stop of Xi'an Top Division Challenge Division wonderful bloom! Welcome to register by:

跟着明星学穿衣 XXEZZ“I’m OK! Girl”全国挑战赛精彩启动

1, "OK! Wonderful" official website: http://

2, microblogging application:

Personal clear body frontal and name, ID number, height, weight, contact phone and other real information, send a private letter to:

Tencent and Sina microblogging @ I was OKgirl

3, QQ space Registration Area: Search "I 'M OK! Girl" space

After the registration is successful, all the above applicants reply to the national XXEZZ store for try-on and take photos with the event official blog private letter, but also register for free as a brand VIP and receive a brand OK! Girl exclusive mystery gift! Enjoy 10% discount and bonus points throughout the year! (All successful applicants only receive a gift shop, can not be repeated to receive)

4, XXEZZ store registration:

Where to XXEZZ store registration, try on the brand clothing and OK! Magazine photo shoot, upload Tencent or Sina microblogging + sun photo [email protected] I am [email protected] official website, fill in the store VIP information, you can receive a brand offer Mysterious gift! At the same time, can enjoy 10% discount and reward points!

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