Often wear high heels careful knee osteoarthritis

[This site - shoes and life] beauty women have to pay attention. Summer is the best season to step on high heels and skirts. The high-heeled shoes in the shoe cupboard are more than a “hate day”, and let the girls call it an itch. However, behind the beauty, do you know how much beauty and comfort women have to pay for it? Experts advise: Always wear high-heeled shoes with careful knee osteoarthritis.

Often wear high heels carefully knee hyperosteogeny, high heels raise the heel to the top of the toe, so that the person's entire body - buttocks, shoulders, spine - is not in a straight line. Over time, it can cause severe back and leg pain.

Wearing a high-heeled shoe to swagger through the city will cause the body to lean forward and increase the pressure on the inside of the knee—a study found that it can increase by 26%. This can lead to arthritis, a degenerative joint disease of the knee.

When walking daily, the human body supports the weight of the body with the thumb root, the little finger root, and the heel. When wearing high-heeled shoes, the body weight is basically transferred to the forefoot, which can easily cause the forefoot to widen. The thumb bends outwards and the thumb turns out. The tendon of the arch bridge will be pulled.

When walking, the calf and foot muscles contract and rhythm, acting as a "pump." However, after wearing a heel with too high a shoe, the ankle was restricted and the thigh muscles replaced the calf and foot muscles to contract, causing poor venous return.

The higher the heel, the greater the pressure on the front of the foot, and long-term accumulation can cause foot bruising and other problems noted in this article.

In the early stages, the patient suffered from soreness, discomfort, and pain; severe skin pigmentation, induration, rash, and pruritus, and even leg skin ulcers or ruptured bleeding.

Over time, the sinews relax and the arch bridge loses its support and collapses. The original arch of the foot collapses or disappears, forming a flat foot.

Often wear high heels carefully knee hyperosteogeny, and secondly, wearing high heels to make the spine over anteversion, leading to back muscle strain, can cause back pain.

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