OMNIALUO Women's Clothing Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Photo Album Picture Prerelease

Opellanu Women's 2013 spring and summer theme “Flower Painting” was created in conjunction with outstanding creative masters in the art world. The poetic women's olympic women's wear inherits the classic business romanticism design style.

OMNIALUO Women's Clothing Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Photo Album Picture Prerelease

OMNIALUO Women's Unisex Women's Spring/Summer 2013 Spring/Summer releases new and dynamic forms of fashion and art. Forwardly blending the two major visual arts of Operanu's Haute Couture and Painting brings deep artistic insights. The visual ambiguity and the creative feast with multicultural connotations.
OMNIALUO women's clothing is based on Eastern and Western cultures, combined with exquisite design skills and modern craftsmanship, to form a oriental neo-romantic style that suits Oriental women's aesthetics. Opelanuo's unique oriental neo-romantic style emphasizes the inheritance of romance and classic elements. Innovate and do the natural and harmonious elegant qualities: natural color transition, rich sense of hierarchy, elegant details, excellent craftsmanship, and rich sense of value. Opellanu Women's 2013 spring and summer investment promotion topics: http://

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