Anner children "Rabbit camp" linkage 20 cities will pass the love

In recent days, nearly 20 cities all over the country have a "love landscape" at the same time. With their big hands holding their hands, their love gifts and their sincere wishes, they walk into the special educational institutions in the city to carry out a scene of angels and angels Love between the exchange and help each other. This is a scenic line called "love to make camp dreams more beautiful because of you," the formation of this road is a group of loving Amway children's clothing member family. The Anatoly Summer Camp, which has never stopped for 16 years, has brought many laughs to countless families and accompanied more and more children in their childhoods. In this year, the growing number of mature rabbits Camp entertaining children with the same time, increased love charity activities, hoping to enlighten each child's spiritual beauty through this entertaining way. Beijing Station - Warm Sun Village The smiling faces of children in the Sun Village are such groups of children who are outside the high walls and their parents are in the high walls. They have the same childhood as other children but experience different lives. The camp for Amnesty BeiJing Railway Station made its way to the largest shelter for inmates in Beijing's Sun Village, bringing summer greetings and bitter love to children here. In mid-August, two bus carrying more than 20 children and parents wearing red Anai Er clothing, as well as donated materials, went to visit the prisoners' children in Sun Village, Shunyi District, Beijing. This time, Anai Er and accompanying member family donated a total of 12 boxes of donated materials, including children's wear, stationery, books, toys, etc., but also many members of the family learned that this love action, specifically for the children here to buy Stationery, books and more. Anaer Beijing district director in the donation ceremony, said: "We have always stressed that in the process of children's growth, in addition to social care, we must have the company of parents and good guidance, Sun Village children lack the joy of their parents and children Memories, this is we can not make up for. We can do is to make society more love for them, so that their childhood less defective. "Shenzhen Station - love to let the dream is not alone Beijing love trip in full swing in the same period , Shenzhen Rabbit Camp also ushered in Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Foshan and other 29 Anner children member families, they made a special trip to Pingxi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen blue sky community special education institutions to see a group of foster care here Closed and children with cerebral palsy. In order to quickly integrate into this group of special angels, Aner's member families are very patient with each child to communicate with the sincere eyes and warm invitation to bring them together to participate in the game, the friendship painted in the Anner children Rabbit, written in a love card, sing into the first song ... ... At the same time, Anai Er also here for the children to send a brand new clothing, member families also spontaneously purchased books, Toys, etc. as a love "meeting ceremony", so that blue sky filled with moving. Amnesty Bunny camp summer camp member activities have been held for nine, these colorful membership activities is to let children know more cherish life, reported a happy heart to grow up, so this year to make camp in camp every A child, happy harvest at the same time also be able to experience more life experiences, Aner children give camp to give more educational significance. Under the theme of "Love Your Rabbit Dreams Because You Are Beautiful", Aner traveled to nearly 20 cities across the country and organized more than 230 member families to find places and groups in need of love in their cities. Pull the hand way to warm the city.

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