Men's first model men introduced models autumn male model plan

Although still in hot summer, but the beginning of autumn has come, smell sensitive major clothing store have put on early autumn style. Seasonal season, may wish to generous to change some of the single product and with the method of letting himself to an out of order, especially for business men, the autumn is a good time to dress. Here, the type of men's clothing to you to provide you with a few good modeling plans. By the way, I tell you how to wear the most popular item this autumn. First of all, adjust your shopping color to neutral colors such as khaki, black or gray, and then make sure your shirt, tie, knit cardigan, etc., are within the color range. Gray suit can be wild. Low-key shirts and pants can be worn with different items more than once without causing any objectionable feelings or leaving a deep impression. Deep trousers can be dirty, but also can help you not wearing a simple day and night with. The pattern shirt from the hot summer to the bursts of autumn, long-sleeved shirt and return, and long-sleeved shirt is the most orthodox office dress code. The smaller the shirt, the more mature it looks. The color of the shirt, the more fit the better. Such as black with gray, brown, with chocolate and so on. Of course, another shirt with brightly-lit large squares and patterns is good, but it certainly does not fit in the workplace. Take them to work when it comes time to replace them. Wild Jacket Jacket large fat plump military jacket, already a past tense. Today's jacket jacket, has long been improved into a fit of shape, thin lapel, and removed the exaggerated brass buckle. For business men, business jackets are more than a single match with a single product, with fresh and clean gray trousers, or solid color Polo shirt, bringing a fresh autumn trend. Travelers are aware of the importance of light, functional and versatile jackets. You can choose a jacket made of wind and rain fabric. Style cards give you a little advice: wearing a bright color jacket will bring the temperament and style of movement; and relatively speaking, low-key gray color, you make you appear more stable and mature. Long trench coat in today's short coat has been improved. When it comes to windbreaker, it is important in terms of its wearability, practicality and durability. This season's trench coat popular knee length above, you can match all the items from dark jeans to suits. While the men's windbreaker like the brand using corn fiber material, even more gentle and smooth, very helpful for shaping the texture of the whole body stiff.

Polyester Yarn T8,adopts engineering differences polyester chip respectively in the two screw melting, squeeze out together in the same composite spinning components, winding, drawing process conditions, the physical performance good, excellent compound of crimp elastic fiber. Good mechanical stretch, wearing comfortable, nearly 100% back stretch with good  elastic recovery. T8 yarn has a good moisture absorption and quick drying performance. It has a strong absorption performance for various auxiliary agents, and can be processed into fabrics with high strength and anti-splash water, anti-oil and other properties. T8 yarn performance of the strong moisture absorption, the dye absorption capacity is 130% of the ordinary material, easy to dyeing, T8 fabric color bright, high color saturation. Generally, the color fastness reaches level 4-4.5.


Polyester Yarn T8

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