Shuttle-ALT2012 autumn new product launches and ordering will be concluded

The audience breath condensation, only a whistling picture, sound waves, the impact of the eye and the eardrum. The picture tearing, deformation, focus, and finally freeze out the ALT brand identity, rapid light fly swept convergence of the river of time flowing quietly in the middle of the stage, set off the miracle of the development of the brand process, but also to express the new release Theme: Shuttle. Imagine a possibility, when perception and functional reconstruction, what kind of world we will get? Use familiar senses to feel the world you are unfamiliar with. Everything is perceived by the body five senses of the images, sounds, thoughts, touch and taste permeated through this medium. It instantly transcends the time tunnel to reproduce the present moment, shuttle time and shuttle memory, bringing the classical, the traditional, the artistic and the cultural. The line goes farther past while the civilization of modern society is still real. Nature and the future, classical and modern, tradition and trendy, reality and illusion, harmonious blend, we enjoy it all, as if born. Pixel Life (Black Gold Series) In modern society, the meaning of objects and experiences is placed between the virtual and the real world, changing the way we interact with life. The transient nature of online information makes us eager to bring the missing entity interaction into In the digital world, in autumn 2012, ALT combines virtuality and physics to create another brand new visual beauty. Based on geometric modeling and linear effects, ALT cuts out linear and vectorial shapes through reorganization, misplaced and asymmetrical design techniques Mask geometric patterns, to create stylish, capable minimalist urban style. The world in the kaleidoscope (Urban Platinum Series) flips through the cat's eye in the glass and looks at the mix of worlds and remembrances of past pleasures and dreams. Whether it is simple or complex, the world in a kaleidoscope is like a bright flower that shows people their charm, just as people slowly bloom at different times. This series uses the gradient to create the dislocation of the visual effects, material collision, gradient rendering, green collar and thousands of birds plaid and other demands of the 2012 autumn fresh air, yarn materials will be a new application. Fusion (Urban Holiday Series) The overall effect of this season's holiday series is to integrate the sense of fashion into the sense of fashion, integrating the long-lasting natural style with the ever-changing fashion style, and combining the two contradictory features. At the same time using functional design as a bright spot, creating a new realm with unlimited possibilities. Hit color, pile collar, zipper diagonal placket, leather stitching and other elements in this series as the main design techniques appear. Denim series (simple transformation) past style and beauty is full of nostalgic charm, this season is very new. Low-key style jeans elegant and extraordinary temperament, it is the opposite of arrogance and show off. Material and design features elegant and elegant, classic and modern combination, simplicity into the more unpretentious elements. The new jeans series won warm applause from customers, ALT in the product line of new attempts at the same time, out of 2012 an important step in market development. The new product display is simple, neat, Yifa bring out the charm and appeal of the clothing itself. Combined with the scene, ALT team of designers to explain the new design concepts and interpretation. After the catwalk show, followed by a short video of the ALT brand's development on the big screen, from the beginning of the ALT brand in 2006 to today's fame and future blueprint planning, each participant has an upsurge of emotions , Resulting in a deeper love of the brand and more confidence. Finally, Jacky Meng, director of planning, and three client representatives made wonderful reports and sharing on the development of ALT in 2011, and selected 6 outstanding national experts in 2011 for a grand presentation of awards and organized them to study in Hong Kong. ALT store display reputation in the industry, the selection of outstanding display division and then expressed the company's brand image has always been the focus of attention. Postscript: As of the fall of ALT2012 new orders will end, statistics show that ALT autumn orders showed a substantial increase. In 2012, it was the year of ALT. In the past 6 years, ALT kept exploring and struggling in the difficult situation. With confidence and persistence, ALT finally found its direction and achieved rapid development in the past two years. At present, ALT brand in the country already has more than 700 stores. In 2012, ALT needed to gather more energy and re-opened 300 stores across the country to achieve a breakthrough in the number of shops by 1000, ranking the top three sales in the industry. At that time, ALT became the brand target of domestic fashion men's clothing. ! 2012, we look forward to ALT more exciting!

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