What color underwear look better? Men generally like a woman wearing what color underwear?

Underwear can help women create a more perfect body curve, is our perfect tool to show the charm of women, and underwear styles and colors are also very diverse, then what color of underwear would be better looking? Men generally like women what color underwear wear it?


Red underwear enthusiasm, publicity, in general, is very attractive underwear color, but also many men will like the color of their own body more confident, fair-skinned sister paper can boldly try red underwear, will definitely add Oh, your charm!

什么颜色的内衣比较好看?  男人一般喜欢女人穿什么颜色的内衣?

Skin tone or flesh-colored underwear is more low-key introverted, suitable for gentle and subtle personality of the woman wearing, it looks like this model body pretty good, good body sculpting effect makes our chest looks very full and full, Significant graceful figure body curve.

什么颜色的内衣比较好看?  男人一般喜欢女人穿什么颜色的内衣?

Pink underwear gives the feeling of more sweet, but also to regulate the endocrine and emotions, so that we are younger, but the feeling of pink underwear to be relatively young girls, not men like lingerie color Oh! In fact, women want to show their female charm, color or style of underwear is not important, it is important to have a confident, confident woman is the most attractive yo!

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