On the street is Easy Chic popular jeans PK

This site August 21 hearing, jeans are absolutely inseparable throughout the year a single product, simple jeans also contains a lot of small details. Here are five popular hot jeans recommended for you this season, simple, fresh, sweet, retro style can be worn out, such a cost-effective single product does not buy it simply can not tolerate.


Solid color jeans

Original color Slim jeans, low-waisted and small-footed version, trousers rolled side, with a simple checked shirt and flat shoes are fresh enough. This highlights the look of beautiful legs is the early fall of the mental dress.


Worn jeans

Leg-type denim pants, nine pants long, modeling is very cool, simple details of the treatment of holes to add a bright point to the shape, even if only with a pure white shirt, but also allows you to get rid of passers-by children.


High waist jeans

Retro high-waisted jeans with print T-shirt, high-waist jeans need a perfect buttocks, and then with high-heeled sandals, elongated legs can also be thin.


Strap jeans

Playful cute denim bibs, high waist, version of the body is thin, take the love pattern of long-sleeved T-shirt, wear a fresh sweet temperament, flat canvas shoes with a comfortable and stylish.


Foot jeans

Simple and charming tight-fitting feet jeans, versatile dark blue, upper body with a grid strapless blouse, short paragraph design, collar folds overlap lace, waist elastics, and then stepped on boots, the whole person is even higher. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Annie shoes)

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