Harlequin 2014 autumn new pictures fall new collocation

Ha Le monkey children's clothing for 3-15-year-old children to create fashion style, Ha Lemon brand is a high-end children's wear brand, environmental materials, fashion colors and trends, exquisite version, advanced technology and production testing, health and comfort, etc. The pursuit of perfection, shaping a healthy and stylish children's clothing brand in China, the fall of 2014, the new Ha Lemon gives you a different visual effects. Seemingly simple dress is hidden in many small details, in today's fashion, simple dress is the most engaging, knitwear I set a shirt, whether it is a boy's knit jacket with a blue shirt or a girl Red sweater with a white shirt, lower body are with classic jeans, stylish and wild. Autumn classic wear, blue denim shirt style with jeans, stylish and stylish and trendy, plush knit shirt with black and white plaid skirt accompanied by black stockings, fresh and sweet to wear to show the most dazzling autumn dress.

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