What is wrong with receiving a diamond certificate?

The Gemological Accreditation Certificate (GIA) is the most professional diamond appraisal certificate in the world. A complete GIA certificate should have a triple, but we usually only see the first and second links, and we can't see the third link of the GIA certificate. . Even if you can see the third, most of them are cut corners. Why is a good GIA certificate cut off? Is this certificate a fake? Or is there a quality problem?

The original certificate has a triple connection, as shown in the following figure:

Consumers are missing a link, or missing a corner, as shown below:

What is going on here? Where did the missing one or the corner run?

The third link of the GIA certificate is to record the information of the diamonds sent to the inspectors. The inspectors are generally diamond cutting factories and jewelry stores. In fact, most of the GIA certificates are certified by the diamond cutting factory, so in order to protect these factories. The information, the inspector or the wholesaler cut the third joint of the GIA certificate. The diamond import wholesaler cut the diamond's third link because it didn't want the jewellery industry to know its source of purchase. Cut the third link to prevent it from being used by other diamond wholesalers and even digging corners.

Some consumers may worry that the diamond cutting location will lead to different cutting process. In fact, there is no need to worry, because the cutting process level will be clearly marked on the GIA certificate. The diamond cutting quality is only GIA standard, no difference between the master or the novice. There is also no difference in the location of the cut. Therefore , it is irrelevant that the GIA certificate lacks the price and quality of the third joint and the diamond. When we purchase diamonds, it is enough to consider the diamond 4C standard, fluorescence and weight.

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