EP Ya Ying and the goddess Guo Biting common interpretation of luxury sports style

爱丽娜米罗 - Elena Mirò

No matter the fresh and sweet "Yi-Da Girl" or Nanxiang in the era of "Little God", the image on Guo's screen is quite similar to that in real life.
In her latest fashion blockbusters from the past Shu women's play, wearing EP Ya Ying try a new sporty styling, high cold temperament goddess is established. It is better to play the same with Guo Biting "careful machine", interpretation of comfortable elegance.

TIPS 1: beading decoration


Has a foam feel rich and soft feel of the composite knit material, create a sense of volume of the box-shaped sweater. At this point into more thoughtful acrylic decorative beading, effectively enhance the exquisite luxury temperament. Shiny rhinestones make the whole body dress is no longer monotonous, creating an unprecedented sense of modernity.

TIPS 2: Value sense jacket


Soft and delicate wool yarn set, sideways color inlaid, comfortable and casual. Tree shadow pattern of loose shoes, it is the interpretation of the extreme sports style. Want to have a higher rate of return, with a full personality wool fight coat is the best choice, enhance the sense of quality, exercise diminished.

TIPS 3: Modern Pattern


Baseball jacket is from the showcase to the streets, influx of people to interpret the sporty wind a single product. To not fall into the stereotypes, make a fuss about the pattern is a required course. Chaos orderly tree shadow pattern design, adding a bit stylish and futuristic. With a pair of thin with ankle boots, but also as an Office dress.

MUST HAVE sports wind accessories


Compared to sports apparel, those who lead directly to the accessories can not be missed. This season's hot large-capacity backpack, both practicality and operational performance, age-effective effect; highly sought after platform shoes, but also adds a bit of comfort and casual feel.

The above products are EP Ya Ying 2014 early autumn new products, is now available nationwide, are welcome to visit the stores. For more information, please call:.

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