Simple but not simple Queen Fan wearing easy hold

On August 21 this site , Cui Zhiyou followed the "Ladder of the Kingdom of Heaven" and then joined hands with Quan Xiangyou to perform "Temptation." Choi Ji-woo, who plays "the billionaire woman," has appeared in the costumes of the major luxury brands. She used the refined details and arrogant attitude to thoroughly regard the "Tasteful local tyrant."

Although Cui Zhiyou’s role in “Temptation” is controversial this time, the best-dressed name is well deserved. The 1 meter 74's tall and tall, coupled with a very slim figure and a pair of long legs, will inevitably spike countless films, or do you want to lure the right to Obama? Whether it is tough business wear, elegant evening dress or small fresh cowboy T-shirts, we can easily hold Zhuolii, the Queen can not afford to wear.


"Course" Cui Zhiyou uses multiple sets of GUCCI fashion and handbags to stand in touch with the identity of a billionaire. The exquisite attention to detail tells you who the rich woman is a local tyrant! The simple and elegant leopard jacket with black trousers, the most Conciseness often gives people the most unexpected surprise. The minimalist dress without deliberate embellishment is the first choice for local taste. It is not exaggerated without publicity, but it shows the lowest-key beauty in the most casual moment.


Choi Chi Woo wore Tom Ford's Spring/Summer 2014 collection black suit, simple and casual suit suit to express Liu Shiying's temperament image, especially her transparent skin and red lips attract people's attention.


Cui Zhiyou went to the party to wear the J.MENDEL PARIS evening dress with Plaid chain handbags sexy revealed a bit tough and handsome, J.MENDEL PARIS evening dress with black lace embellished a unique feminine woman.


Choi Ji-woo appeared in the Look 20 series of Marni 2014 early autumn. The strong contrast of color and the sculptural contours of toughness add a graceful and graceful temperament to Liu Shiying, a cool, intelligent woman in the play.


Left: Cui Zhiyou dress Ralph Lauren 2014 spring and summer Plaid suit simple and elegant.

Right: If you do not understand the choice and match it may wish to copy the T stage dress, such as Cui Zhiyou also copied Louis Vuitton catwalk models stylish and can not go wrong.


Left: Choi Ji Woo is wearing a Marni white shirt with a military green skirt in the Korean TV drama “Temptation”. The strong contrast of color and the sculptural contours of the halves add a graceful and graceful temperament to Liu Shiying, a cool, intelligent woman in the play.

Right: The role of Choi Ji Woo in "The Temptation" is controversial, but the best dress is positive. The 1 meter 74's tall and tall, plus a very slim figure and a pair of long legs and then a big name, add up. Inevitably spike countless film, or how to tempt the right to Obama. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Bardi shoes)

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