Kadin "a dream" 2015 marketing summit and spring and summer new conference ended successfully

On August 12, 2014, KADING Kading, the leading brand of children's shoes and apparel, held a grand 2015 marketing summit and new spring / summer press release on the theme of "Imagination" in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. The event attracted hundreds of guests, including brand partners, distributors and media reporters, to witness the wonderful journey of "Dream and Happiness" by Kadin. Kadin spring and summer 2015 spring and summer shoes series debut release show, keeping up with the fashion interpretation of the charm, detonated unparalleled fashion heat, shoes and racing, animation peak collision, bringing unprecedented visual shock. As the first test of animation marketing, racing theme 3D animation "Kadin era" attracted many friends spotlight. In the cool kart opening ceremony, the General Assembly officially kicked off. Kadin Family "Big Parents" - Mr. Huang Bingnan, chairman of the board, welcomes the participants and delivers sincere wishes for everyone. Huang Chengcai, general manager came to power released 2015 brand development plan. "China's economy is experiencing the transformation and upgrading, the market changes brought about by the transformation and upgrading have created opportunities for brand development, but also accelerate the industry reshuffle, eliminate more uncompetitive and backward brands." With a few years ago to accumulate Of the industry advantage, will speed up the transformation and upgrading to create a new dream, to achieve a new leap forward, "Huang said. Kadin is standing at a crucial moment in the new round of development. New opportunities, new challenges, Kadin will complete the transformation and upgrading to achieve the "dare to create a peak dream ride," the perfect transformation. Mr. Zhu Shaoxiong, Marketing Director of Kadin Brand, also made a comprehensive analysis and explanation of 2015 brand promotion. He summed up the achievements made in the first half of 2014 and managed to make every effort to create greater glories! In the retail department Huang Duyan manager wonderful product promotion, the highlight of this conference - the model T stage show grand staged! The much-anticipated Kadin children's shoes fashion style swept over, young and energetic model for everyone to show a colorful fashion feast. Kadin next spring and summer flagship clothing - marine series, school series, princess series, outdoor series of four new series one by one unveiled. Dynamic model of the music under the full interpretation of the new series of new products, it was as if went to the clear blue sea, came to a vibrant campus; girl became a dream castle Princess, the boy started a fun and mysterious outdoor adventure! Unique products and attractive interpretation won the recognition and praise of all dealers, the scene applause continuously! In particular, this conference show Kadin 2015 spring main push shoes - luminous shoes. Rely on modern LED technology, coupled with unique creative design, I believe Kardinen luminous shoes will be able to go pretty next year's shoes market! As a leader in the children's footwear industry, Cardin is an original children's shoes and apparel brand that has a history of nearly ten years. Dynamic "car culture" and Kadin cartoon image derived from some of the rich elements of the column, giving positive positive energy Kadin products, brave transcendence, chasing the dream of the cultural connotation, so that Kadin is different from other children's brands. Cardin designers to broad brand culture as the inspiration, innovative interpretation, shaping the Chinese modern children's health, fashion, happy image, showing the times, the trend of children's clothing style combined closely!

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