Hao Xin Kai. Dejin autumn loaded with a small lesson: a combination of autumn pure color shirt

Autumn is getting thick, the temperature should be regarded as some awkward in nature, hot and cold, so decisive or choose the shirt. Cold buckle buckle, and then put on a thin jacket, hot unzip the sleeves, feel the cool autumn, like the shirt you must not miss the most suitable season to wear shirts now! Shirt specifically, today is a solid color shirt, with a simple color, decorate our own autumn! We call pure color shirt does not always have only one color, it can be a color as the main color, and the collar or cuffs can be other colors for the color, here is the main use of visual effects, both the main colors Background, it will not seem rigid. Of course, completely pure color models or we have to mention the basic models. If you want to look energetic and full of youthful feeling, the bright colors should be worn boldly. There is no fashion age, some people feel that their age can not wear bright color of the vitality, but as long as you will match, no matter how bright the color of the eye will not erase your own fashion glitter! If you want to make yourself more mature, black and white classic colors must not miss. In addition, some darker colors, such as dark green, indigo or dark gray, are also more sought after. Like indigo indigo, in the sense of maturity can add a touch of scholarly feelings. Here's for everyone recommend several plain shirts, like it must be a collection! Black models black models: suitable for general work wear or formal wear, the highlight is the collar of the leather material, through the effect of black leather to increase the overall sense of three-dimensional clothing. Light red section light red section: shallow red always able to make people feel romantic leisurely taste, weekend leisure time and friends, lovers travel most suitable for this feeling. Other light colors also have this effect Oh, if you match with some other single product, maybe there are more surprises! White models White models: This is the main white color, with black collar and cuffs do the effect, if you can find and collar, cuff color the same or the same pattern trousers, it is absolutely recommended together! Neat yet quite taste! Indigo models indigo models: Indigo color is a series of many, can allow you to add more attractive charm of a mature man. This one can choose the color of similar dark jeans, coupled with black single product or blue single product, but also to create a wonderful sense of hierarchy! Sky blue models Sky blue models: This blue will always look younger, vibrant colors occasionally worn on the body, but also put the Buddha back to their teenage years. Slightly hot and sultry autumn weather can choose to use dark blue or blue-gray five points or pants with a sense of hierarchy, but also breathable, a lot of cool!

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