From football to wig, Chinese made "kick" into the World Cup

According to Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, June 16 (Reporter Liu Mingyang, Zhang Yao), the World Cup in Brazil is in full swing, evoking the passion of countless fans and igniting the export enthusiasm of "Made in China".

In the "small commodity distribution center" Zhejiang Yiwu, starting last spring, overseas orders have come to the market, producing football, national flag, sunglasses, wigs, cheering products, etc., businesses are busy.

Wu Xiaoming of Yiwu Quansheng Sports Goods Firm told reporters that since March and April last year, his factory has continuously received overseas orders and has already exported more than 1 million footballs to the World Cup. "This World Cup is held in Brazil, and many orders come from South American countries."

For "Made in China", the business opportunities of the World Cup in Brazil are not limited to the South American continent, but also extend to Europe.

“My order source is mainly from European countries. Since I started shipping in April last year, I have sold nearly 2 million Casilla.” Wu Xiaogang, a local merchant who produces fueling products in Yiwu, said that the European national football atmosphere Strong, I have a soft spot for Casilla.

Cassila took over the Vulture of the World Cup in South Africa and was hailed as a new generation of "artifacts". It looks like a grenade with a lot of plastic marbles that will make a strange sound when shaken. It is understood that many of the world's Casillaola are from China's Zhejiang and Guangdong.

Compared with Vu Zula four years ago, Casilla has a higher profit. Wu Xiaogang said that their ex-factory price is 2.3 yuan / piece, if the amount is large, it can be reduced to 2.1 yuan / piece, in addition to various costs, the profit is about 7 hair. It is understood that the Chinese enterprises produced the Vu Zula, each with a gross profit of two or three.

In addition, Casilla's ordering method is more diverse. Wu Xiaogang said that in addition to trade fair sales and foreign trade companies placing orders, there are now many orders from e-commerce platforms.

Affected by the international financial crisis, overseas orders in Yiwu small commodity market have gradually become fragmented in recent years, and orders are small and scattered. However, in recent days, under the stimulation of the “World Cup economy”, the number of local merchants’ exports has increased significantly. "Because of the World Cup, the fans in the store sell nearly 30% more than daily, most of them are wholesale overseas." Cheng Li, a businessman who runs wigs, horns, flags, fans' glasses and other supplies in Yiwu International Trade City, said. Her buyers are mainly South American buyers, which are the most sold to Brazil.

According to Yiwu Customs statistics, from January to May this year, Yiwu Customs exported Brazil to a total of 160 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 31.4%, of which sports goods exports to Brazil 2.78 million US dollars, an increase of 42%.

Yiwu Customs staff pointed out that Yiwu small commodity exports have always been affected by major international events and the international situation. The most important reason for the recent growth of small commodity exports is driven by the business opportunities of the Brazil World Cup.

Wu Xiaoming, who has been engaged in the sales of sporting goods for nearly 20 years, told reporters that Yiwu's related small commodities are not only cheap, but also rich in variety, and can purchase dozens or even hundreds of sporting goods and their peripheral products at a time.

"Compared with four years ago, the comprehensive reform of international trade promoted by Yiwu has simplified the customs clearance export process, which is much more labor-saving than in the past." Wu Xiaoming said.

It is understood that due to the relationship between transportation distance and time, in late May, most of the enterprises that operate football peripheral products in Yiwu have basically no overseas orders, and they have turned their eyes from overseas markets to the domestic market.

Wu Xiaoming said that he has received a lot of domestic orders, and his products are very popular in Beijing and Guangdong.

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