He: Qian Man Meng Bozhou Mengcheng store grand opening

For us it may be an ordinary day in June, but for the students is a tense month of June, in the face of the college entrance exam and the pressure, but the pressure continued through June will be good news will continue, at the end of Trespa Man Women Bozhou Mengcheng store grand opening, with Mengcheng store location: Mengzhou County, Mengzhou International Dragon Street, Block C, 2nd Floor, 207, hope the new and old customers come.

Laughter and laughter to welcome the opening of the new store, purple and pink balloons hanging very open atmosphere, but also implies a big deal, try to Bozhou store opened a new 40% off, two 50% discount to attract you, you what are you waiting for? Summertime fashion to give it thought it.


The in-store display is definitely a glance to see the style you like, a sweet style dress hanging on the layout, one by one color, all make people like endless, ladylike sweet style of ladies make girls more goddess the taste of.

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