Warmly congratulate Diskin Kay brand women's store opened in Dongguan Cheonggyecheon

Warmly congratulate Diskin Kay brand women's Dongguan Cheonggyecheon during the grand opening 51. Welcome new and old customers come to buy. Here, also sincerely wish Dongguan Cheonggye shop business booming! Financial sources wide into!


Accompanied by the music played, ushered in the climax of the opening. A steady stream of customers in the store, praised. Clean and smooth wooden floor, exudes a natural fresh taste, so that customers are very enjoyable shopping environment. Embossed personalized wallpaper printing, elegant beige, low-key content. Magnificent chandeliers, highlighting the high-end and quality. Blue carpet, neat into the racks, beautiful neatly. Spacious dressing room, simple and elegant checkout, shopping guide enthusiastic smile, etc. are left a deep impression on the customers.




Diskin Kay brand women adhering to the noble artistic Italian personality, for Chinese women to provide a unique, unique dressing experience. Novel style, exquisite fabrics, youthful and beautiful style, smooth linear, vivid color by age, attracting people to buy.


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