Home textile fabric introduction - silk

Home textile fabric introduction - silk

Silk is a natural protein fiber that is smooth, soft, shiny and comfortable to wear. It is called the fiber queen. Silk was first produced in China, and China's silk production still ranks first in the world. In addition, silk is produced in Japan and Italy. Silk is divided into two types: silk and silk. The cross section of silk is similar to that of silk, which is flatter. The longitudinal surface has stripes, and there are many capillary pores inside. The gloss is not as bright as silk, the hand feel is not as smooth as silk, and the color is mostly yellowish, but the fastness, hygroscopicity and heat resistance are better than silk.

Silk can be dyed into a variety of bright colors, and can be processed into a variety of thickness and style of fabric, can be as thin as a flap, can also be as thick as wool, can be very cool, but also soft or rich. However, silk fabrics tend to wrinkle and require ironing after washing.

Silk has a soft and comfortable tactile feel, cool in summer and warm in winter. Silk has higher strength than wool, and its elongation is superior to cotton and hemp fiber, and its durability is average. Silk is less resistant to acid than wool, and its acid resistance is slightly stronger than wool, and it is not resistant to salt water. The silk has poor light resistance, and the fiber will become yellow and brittle under sunlight, and it should not be treated with a fluorine-containing bleach or detergent. Its heat resistance is slightly better than wool, and the ironing temperature is 160 ° c ~ 180 ° c. A steam iron should be used.

Fashion Jewelry:

These fashion jewelry Can be divided into Necklace, bracelet, earring, ring, jewelry sets, children's jewelry, navel ring, toe rings, stainless steel Jewelry, jewelry Ideas, rhinestone brooch, belts, Scarf, hats, etc. These products are used to as a person a kind of adornment to increase the beautiful and noble degrees. Our fashion jewelry, excellent quality, can be printed LOGO, variety, color variety, fashionable and sparkling, popular with many women, men and children. Treat yourself or to trendy imitation jewelry for fun embellishments you can wear on any occasion. These fashion jewelr design is novel, can cater to tide, produced by using environmental protection material, the development prospect is very considerable. Popular with the customers, Ningbo Younker can also customize according to your requirement, can be print LOGO, I believe that Ningbo Younker must be a good choice for you!


Fashion Jewelry:

1. Material: zinc alloy, stainless steel, 925 silver, brass, leather, korea velvet, Wax Cord, ABS, polyester, acrylic, silicone, wood, rhinestone, shell, pearl, coconut, artificial crystal, etc.

2. Size: Customer size.

3. Color: Pantone color, gold plated, silver plated.

4. Usage: Women, Men and Children.

5. Occasion: Anniversary, Gift, party, Daily life, Wedding, Engagement.

6. Logo: CMYK printing, laser engraving, die struck, die casting.

7. Style: Stylish, Customized style is available.

8. Quality: Eo-friendly.

9. Technology: Handmade.

10. OEM: Customized designs are welcomed.

11. Packing: 1pcs/opp or as client's request.

12. Capacities: ODM & OEM are accepted.

13. Shipping Port: Ningbo or Shanghai.

14. Shipping Method: By Courier, Air cargo and Sea.

15. Sample time: 7-10 days.

16. Shipping time: 20-30 days after confirmation.

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