Spring men's suits plus points with color selection is very important

In the spring full of vitality, the men in the suit is still still stubbornly choose black, gray yet. Do not forget, even if they give you a low-key but restrained, mature temperament. Now is the spring, if you continue to dull and boring with a variety of peach blossom can say goodbye to you. So, in the spring of this year, men give their suits with more use of some color! San Giorgio Spring Summer Series Even some of the more serious occasions, proper color will definitely let you extra points. Brilliant bright suit high-profile publicity, it is easy to stand out in the crowd of suits, but sometimes it is too much exaggeration and the lack of men's sense of security, so again with care to be. If the reverse thinking, speaking bright colors as a shirt with plain suits, is also a good choice. San Giorgio Spring Summer Series At the same time, such as light blue color suit is also very suitable for men wearing in the spring and summer, make you look fresh and stylish, but not too high profile and frivolous. The same as the standard configuration, the plaid shirt and suit the most in tune. Add some weight to your own charm and confidence.

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