Spring and summer lotus leaf clothing with how to look good

Popular for many years lotus leaf edge, still in the T stage glowing, tide people's daily wear can always find the TA figure. Most of the modern women's wardrobe by TA more or less "encroachment", small partners on the lotus leaf enthusiasm, from TA's powerful self-cultivation features, and innate charming temperament. If tired of conventional wear, may wish to start a brainstorming, for their own wear "dynasty" some.

地素 - dazzle

With a kimono profile jacket, was the lotus leaf wrapped in light, like a budding water lotus. Elegant shirt, and the current popular element wide leg pants collocation, a soft and just, quietly occurred in the fashion industry chemical reaction. Throughout the overall elegant color, has become the visual "refreshing agent", clear and elegant temperament enough to make passers-by look for you to stop ... ...


Belt embellishment is particularly eye-catching, instantly create the most popular Peplum wave, thin waist Slim effect how people do not rush?

T/C AND 100% COTTON Woven Fusible Interlining(HDPE/LDPE COATING)

1. Features:

     -- More even and smoothly grey cloth

     -- Handfeel:Soft,Medium,Medium Hard and Hard as customers' require

     -- Perfect bonding strength

     -- Excellent shrinkage control

     -- Garantee for washable,dry-washable

2. Technical Data:

     -- Gray cloth: 100% cotton

     -- Width: 112cm

3.Packing:50M/Y per roll, 2rolls per bag

Shoulder Interlining

Shoulder Interlining,White Shoulder Interlining,Black Color Shoulder Interlining,Red Shoulder Interlining

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