Why do you want to treat ruby ​​and sapphire differently?

Ruby and sapphire belong to the corundum stone, the main components are all Al2O3, all have a glass luster and are all trigonal.

The density, Mohs hardness and lightness of the two are the same, but the international gem world still treats the difference between the two, the reason is the difference in the coloring elements of the two. In addition, due to the different colors, they have been given different symbolic meanings and legends.

Ruby sapphire

Ruby is red to pink due to the trace element chromium (Cr3+). The trace elements contained in sapphire are Fe and Ti, which are blue.

According to the international gem world, the red corundum gemstone is ruby. In addition, the corundum gemstones of other colors belong to sapphire. The red color of the ruby ​​is not too light. Otherwise, it cannot be called ruby, but can only be classified into bright sapphire. Rubies in nature are much less than sapphires. So it can be said that ruby ​​is a precious variety of corundum gemstones.

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