How should buyers choose jade

In daily life, people often go to the jade jewelry store to go shopping, then as a buyer you can choose the jade through the following five ways.



First of all, we have to look at the color of it first, which has a direct impact on its price. A little color and a large section of color, the price is much different; secondly, we have to look at the color shade, the different shades of color, the price will vary a lot; third, we have to look at the color of the fresh, dark, fresh color price It will be very high, the color will be relatively dim, and the price will be much lower. The above three points, the general purchaser will pay more attention when purchasing, but the convergence of colors is a problem that is easy to ignore. In fact, the color on the bracelet is getting better. In the case of the same one-third color, the color is very concentrated and the color is scattered, and the stars are in the bracelet, and the price will be much different. In addition, we also need to see if the color of the bracelet is green or green. A bracelet that can be made into a green one is never made into a segment of green. Usually, the green bracelet is much higher than the green bracelet. However, not all green bracelets are more expensive than the green bracelets. Judging the price of the bracelet depends on the bracelet. The price of different varieties will be very different. A bracelet like a mung bean may be worth only 30,000 yuan or 40,000 yuan, but the price of an ice bracelet can reach hundreds of thousands. Of course, the price of a full-brown bracelet can be as high as several million.

Types of

When buying a bracelet, we also want to look at its type. Bracelets can be divided into round and flat strips, and can be divided into round and chaise, and can also be divided into several types such as carved and plain. Round bars and flat bars refer to the shape of the cross section of the bracelet. The round shape and the noble shape refer to the shape of the front of the bracelet. The carved and plain surface refers to the shape of the surface of the bracelet. The thickness of the mouth referred to by the expert refers to the width of the wall of the bracelet. It is worth mentioning that most of the carved bracelets we have encountered are cracked - the surface is cracked and needs to be decorated with carvings, like the bracelet of the two dragons (two dragons beside a bead), looking very beautiful, But its cracks are very severe breaks, so it is not worth collecting. As a collection of bracelets, it should be a shape of light.

Cleft palate

The cleft of the jade bracelet is easier to see when observing the light, but sometimes the stone and color paths in the bracelet are easily seen as splits, and the purchaser needs to distinguish in practice. The surface looks flawless, and it is probably a bad kind. It is not easy to see the problems inside the jade, and it is easy to judge the mistakes when purchasing. The better the kind of jade, the clearer the interior, the more obvious the phenomenon of cleft palate. Therefore, the cleft of the bracelet needs to be taken seriously when purchasing, but don't over-emphasize it. Broken jaws are the most taboo problem in bracelets. The bracelet with severe problems is not crisp. Moreover, during the wearing process, it is easy to have a broken phenomenon.


The type and color of the jade bracelet will be noticed by the average person when purchasing, but the most important thing when looking at the bracelet is the one that is most easy to read or the bottom of the watch (the base is the part other than green). Under normal circumstances, the green part of the emerald will be very good, very thorough, but the non-green part of the species will be particularly dry, not transparent, this is what the experts say "the dragon has water." The two bracelets with the same green parts may have many times the price difference due to different foundations. In addition, the bottom sometimes has dirt, color, blue flowers, etc., which will affect the price of the bracelet. In other words, when you buy a bracelet, you should observe its integrity, not just focus on the green part, so that you will not judge the mistakes.


The price of the bracelet has an influence on its shape, and its contents include the following aspects.

a, thin and thick: in the cross section of the bracelet is reflected as "high", high-grade bracelet must be relatively thick and full.

b, width and fine: the same kind, the same color of the bracelet, due to the difference in width and thickness, the price will be different. In general, the price of the material is higher.

c, circle mouth: the inner diameter of the bracelet will also have an impact on the price, the same kind, the same color of the bracelet, the larger the circle, the higher the price. Speaking of the circle, there is one point that needs to be reminded that the bracelet must be properly worn for the ring. Most people have this kind of misunderstanding, and it is appropriate to think that the bracelet can be easily worn. In fact, such a bracelet is too big to fall off when closing the door, doing housework, exercising or undressing. So, how big is the ring for you to wear? Under normal circumstances, when the hand is wet (such as when there is soapy water on the hand), the bracelet that can be worn is the right size, otherwise it will be too large.

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