Classic tanning elements sweeping mix of street classic jeans

Ben Wang September 4 hearing, whether you are a fat girl, or a slim beauty, your wardrobe will always be the presence of tannin elements, even if the office girl or fashionista worth mentioning, you have to admit that tannin The trend has become a classic and basic fashion. Cool and varied jeans sometimes make you cute and cute, and sometimes make your personality fashionable. Whether it is denim shorts or trousers, they conquer every fashion suitor.

Washing effect is very good autumn denim pants, the overall self-cultivation effect is very good, the details of the design of the hole, full range of tide children, simple T-shirt with, exudes urban women capable temperament.

Handsome and playful, low-cut version of strappy jeans, worn with long-sleeved stripes and casual T, is very stylish. Rolled-up trousers and high-heeled booties create a neutral yet handsome look.

Playful casual strapless jeans, Slim version, still do not reduce the handsome range of children, the knee part of the cut to do the old treatment, Chaofan children full, simple vest and canvas shoes match, refreshing and comfortable and casual.

The slim denim trousers with superb self-cultivation effect are featured in the waist design of the tie. The visual sensation is even slimmer. The high-waisted style makes the leg lines slender and the lace splicing casual blouse with elegant and attractive style.

Handsome and playful loose-strapped jeans, comfortable and loose-fitting models, with loose V-neck blouses and ankle boots, with special style and full of casual feeling.

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