Which kind of jade is good?

There are many kinds of jade, what is the best kind? Among the many species, the glass species is the best variety of jadeite, followed by ice jadeite, and again jadeite jadeite. Today Xiaobian gave you a summary of the various varieties of jade, each with a detailed introduction, come and learn.

Jade - glass species

As the name suggests, glass is as transparent as glass. Its quality is very fine. Its hardness is about 7 and it is the highest hardness in jade. It is also the best in jade.

Emerald - ice species

The hardness of ice is also high, and the species is second only to glass. It refers to the water of various colors of jade. It is whiter than glass, and its transparency is worse than that of glass.

Jadeite - glutinous rice

The glutinous rice variety is also the top grade in the jade. The hardness is about 7 and is only second to the ice. The color is like glutinous rice. The transparency is not good for ice.

Emerald - oil green

Oil green is a dark green jade, color gray, blue, but good, fine. Light transmission also varies greatly depending on the difference in the stone, but the color is dark.

Emerald - white-green

The hardness of white-green is lower than that of the above varieties. The background color is white or gray, but the light transmittance is poor, basically opaque, foundation, but some also have ice bottom, the structure is generally thicker, and the green color is relatively bright. Because the green is bright, the price is relatively high.

Jade - Fu Lu Shou

Fulu Shou is a variety of jadeite. It refers to a piece of jade stone with three colors of green, red and purple (or white). It symbolizes good luck and represents Fu Lushou, Sanxi, so it is called Fu. Lu Shou species. Transparency also varies greatly depending on the difference of the stone. It can be glass, ice, bean, glutinous rice, foundation, etc. If it has a kind of color, it is worth a lot.

Emerald - Violet and Purple Sapphire

The color of the violet jade color is purple, among which there are eggplant purple, blue purple, pink purple, etc., and the light transmission is from ice to foundation. Purple Sapphire refers to the purple in the bottom of the jade. Violet is especially popular among Europeans and Americans.

Jade - bean species

Jade bean is a very common type of jade. It is characterized by relatively coarse particles, poor light transmission and low hardness. It has many types, such as bean green, ice bean, oil bean, and cat bean. , fine beans and so on.

Jade - Moyu

Ink is a kind of jadeite. Its color is black. Generally speaking, it has medium light transmission and is opaque when thick. However, it is dark green when cut into thin pieces and light when thin (1mm); Uniform, good polishing. The finished products of Moyu are deeply loved by people in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Jade - ç¿¡ color species (can be called ruby, topaz)

翡 refers to the color of jade, which is 荼 red yellow, brown red yellow, brown red yellow, orange red yellow. The structure is divided into coarse, medium and fine particles. The change from transparent to opaque is also great.

Jade - dry green

Dry green is a jade with a bright green color but poor light transmission.

The color is malachite green, often containing black, green and black. The color is thick but uneven; the structure is thick, the thickness is not equal to the granular shape and the fiber structure; the light transmittance is poor and opaque. The specific gravity is heavier than other jadeites, but the hardness is lower, less than 6; the brittleness is large, and the refractive index is 1.75 higher than other jadeites.

Because the dry green is too dry, no moisture, and the nature is brittle, the hardness is also low, making more small carvings.

Jadeite - Tielongsheng

Tielongsheng is a transliteration of Burmese, meaning green. However, the structure is granular, the bonding mode is relatively loose; the light transmittance is relatively poor; the hardness is poor. But the physical properties: specific gravity 3.30-3.33; refractive index is about 1.66.

The above is the species of jade, each of which is more detailed and understands this knowledge. When you choose, you can choose the variety you like. What do you think about the evaluation of jadeite varieties above? Which kind of jade do you like the most?

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