Clothing industry scrapes cartoon style

Clothing industry scrapes cartoon style Starting from the “Old Boy” three years ago, the children before 85 are constantly reminiscing their youth. Until this year’s “The Youth” and “The Little Times” films pushed this feeling to a climax. . To tell you the truth, if these two not-so-good-looking movies are at the height of the box office, they will grasp the mind of 28+ and let you make a beautiful dream in the movie theater.

Yes! The years cannot be rewinded, and passion and passion will be consumed by time. But are you surrendering? Would you be willing to dress in a white dress with a white suit and scream in the KTV on Friday night? "Youth is like a running river, but you never come back to say goodbye." Don't underestimate yourself. Take a look at the cartoon style costumes that are spreading in the fashion circle, and put them on the celebrity celebrity coffee. The age is not small.

Li Xiaolan and Jia Nailiang, the 30+ couples, have become more and more tender since their birth. First, Jia Nailiang was photographed by the reporter. Wearing a white hoodie with a Mickey pattern, he walked and drank corn juice. He also put his hands in his pockets and led a big brother in the school. Then Mickey appeared in Li Xiaozhen’s life. This t-shirt, which seems to be inadvertently revealing his shoulders, was a little sexy at the same time as playing tender, which was in line with Li Xiaokai’s current age.

Retired athletes will gain weight, but do you know that the retreating Ninja Turtles also became fat to the "Michelin boys"? The always mischievous Ah Sai Choi Tung told us this unfortunate news. The spoofed characters are printed on t-shirts, and the cuffs are made of organza to form a layered lotus leaf. Wearing this one to participate in the activities of the Asa, both to maintain their own style will not exert excessive force, It is not too casual and refreshing. It is in line with the 31-year-old naughty female youth.

Fan Bingbing really loves cartoons and animations and loves to go for a whole snake demon face. Of course, the latter is a joke, but it is true that she loves cartoons. Panda style baseball caps, Arara-like round-framed glasses, big-faced Mickey T-shirts, and hellokitty three-dimensional shape bags are all her modeling artifacts. At the launch of the new movie “Surprise of the Night”, the ground-zero 2013 spring-summer dress became her new favorite. The cartoon image on the skirt looked familiar but couldn't tell who it was. In fact, this is a combination of Superman, Transformers, and Violent Bears.

Bambi is one of Disney's early classic cartoon characters, and it is the time to grandfather, but this does not affect our memory of her. In childhood, towels, handkerchiefs and the like are often seen on the spectacles. When she grew up, she seemed to disappear in our pseudo-mature world. Until 2013 Paris Autumn and Winter show field, Givenchy opened with a spot and brought fashion back to the innocent cartoon world. Having a baby face, bambi or other Disney cartoons is a good choice this summer.

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