Sina brand underwear to create a legendary fashion brand

Sina brand underwear into the Eastern cultural connotation, his work will always have a elegant, simple, beautiful style, much industry praise. Sina advocated "the highest quality products to the highest quality requirements, with the best image and management to build the brand, the price of mid-route to compete in the market!" Her rich products, soft colors, comfortable fabrics, affordable. Si Na in the design from the color, fabric, style, accessories with the style of the pursuit of the interoperability between products in the simple outline of the implication of subtle details of the underwear changes, to create their own culture and style, so that fashion women in life In various occasions can feel confident and beautiful.


思娜品牌内衣 缔造时尚传奇品牌

Today, this underwear brand has developed into a well-known underwear brand, to allow all women concerned about underwear fashion to share her health elegance, fashion noble. 2005 German-funded Garment Co., Ltd. France This well-known brand introduced to the Chinese market, opened the French Sina in mainland China's production and marketing trip.

Metal Medal

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Metal Medal

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