Modern fashion underwear enhance your sexy index

Underwear , more stylish, modern, yet comfortable, MDF modern aromatic products to fashion, sexy, European style quickly swept the market, the health care of its special features lead the trend of the future development of products.


3/4 cup type, with three-dimensional cut, a comprehensive upgrade of the chest curve, so you always maintain a full state of fullness, palm-style under the grid, make the chest more gathered, more three-dimensional sense, enhance the sexy index, Highly inclusive, so that the underarm curve can not see a trace of excess fat.

摩登芳时尚内衣  提升你的性感指数

Professional gather cup type, super inclusive and cup depth, according to the current breast aesthetics for your chest expansion, highlighting the breast curve, ultra-wide side of the degree of tolerance stereotypes lock fat, gathered in the middle, gentle hold the chest , Enhance the Cup, so that you "pretty" body out.

Tea light candle,is the kind of Colored Candles, also known as candle for coffee & tea.Its small size, long burning time, is the essentials of western family.Apply to hotels, churches, religious activity places. it is  with aluminum cans casting wax, commonly used  for  birthday, burning time from 1-3 hours according to calculate weight,  generally used in  bars, KTV, cafe ,and the Candle Light like tea light,the candle light same as the tea light,so called the tea light candle

Tealight Candles

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