He: Qian Man Meng Bozhou Mengcheng store grand opening

For us it may be an ordinary day in June, but for the students is a tense month of June, in the face of the college entrance exam and the pressure, but the pressure continued through June will be good news will continue, at the end of Trespa Man Women Bozhou Mengch

PP plastic characteristics, molding process, use

PP Polypropylene Chemical and Physical Properties PP is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder and has a higher melting point than PE. Since the PP temperature of the homopolymer type is very brittle when it i

CRZ Tide brand thin sunscreen jacket and UV say bye

Driven by the hot summer, a variety of styles of light sunscreen coat is absolutely no shortage of practical single product. Thin sunscreen shirt to a certain extent, can guarantee the damage from ultraviolet light on the skin, in addition, the choice of sunscreen jacket is also diverse, long