Summer to a little cool personality T-shirt mashup style unique summer

What kind of girl is the most beautiful? Tall? Leg length? No, as long as you know how to dress and have personality, you are the most beautiful. Even a short figure, dark skin, little eyes, but by virtue of their own creative multiplied by the ability to mix and m

Koradior & Luca Sacchi, Italian Ghost Talent Designer

This summer, Luca, the Italian window designer from Hermes, and the Oriental rose Koradior brand collided with dreamy and interlocking themes. Rose women, who are romantic and have fun, and who are comfortable and happy, have add

What to wear summer shorts comfortable casual shorts with

Hot summer is coming, people in the choice of clothing fabrics will also be different, we all keen on cool, thin, absorbent, breathable fabric, and the clothing is also a bias with less fabric clothing, such as shorts Or skirt, tank top or suspenders. Today is the

Analysis: Danby Nuwa how to create brand best-selling brand

Recently, Danby slave women introduced a one-time colorful printing series, the charm of bloom series, the modern girl series summer series of new products. A few days after the launch of these series of single product, are snapped up, many shops quickly out of sto

The Present and Future of Jewelry Show

< div class="article-con">The Present and Future of Jewelry Show
In recent years, with the rapid development of the jewelry industry, more and more jewellery exhibitions of various sizes hav