The legendary experience of those cursed jewels

Legend has it that beautiful gems always carry evil power. In history, there are many treasures of extraordinary origin that always bring disaster and bad luck to the master. These gems are always regarded as ominous. The curse is a superstition and there is no sci

White dress style with what style dress popular

Successful clothing, not only can enhance the temperament of women, but also exudes a unique personality charm, the beauty of Korean beauty to lead the fashion trend of the Danish Korean women, the new design concept, infiltration in the apparel, unique Grid, ingen

Shorts how to wear spring and summer shorts with what style looks good

Just like the charm of short skirts, shorts are also one of the women's favorite items, you can show a slender legs, just the right length to cover the thick thighs, let your charm of the curve show. There is no doubt that spring and summer are short skirts, sh

How should buyers choose jade

In daily life, people often go to the jade jewelry store to go shopping, then as a buyer you can choose the jade through the following five ways.



European retro style how to wear take Hepburn elegance

Each girl's heart, all hiding a dream of becoming a princess, a Audrey Hepburn's dream. Hepburn and her "Tiffany Breakfast" has long been synonymous with fashion, Hepburn style also means elegant, noble, elegant and refined. This spring, want a li

Van Gogh: walk in the fashion and art

Mr. Chen Guoxiong Versino Fashion Company Ltd is chairman and chief executive officer of Fashion Group, and is responsible for the Group's Asian markets. He also serves as Shenzhen Vaticano Fashion Co., Ltd., Zhong hui fu Industrial Co ., Ltd) and Wanghing (China) Holding Ltd. Vice Presi

What is mother and daughter Mother and daughter that brand is good

Now there are many such series of girlfriends, lovers, mothers and children, paternity and so on, a family wearing special love with their parents and children, you can wear the mother and daughter on the daughters and mothers, so that her mother is also a tender, at Under the background of he

Sapphire blue dress with a short skirt with how

Women are honorable people, this sentence contains a very profound truth, especially for young girls is even more so. Which girls do not want to show their favorite side of the most beautiful side to see? "Wanze Feng" brand new women's clothing design