Handmade leather bag on the tool

Handmade leather bag on the tool - 1, leather knife / knife: leather knife is mainly used for cutting leather, we must find a good feel in order to be more detailed in the cutting process, where the proposed day Wood handle show times knives, the price is about between 10 to 40 bars. At the sa

How silk is made by hand

How silk is made by hand

First of all, you should choose the best double-clan silkworm cocoon (that is, there are two cocoons inside)
Burning - dialing - opening - pulling:
1, burning

Middle-aged women's brand which

For a long time, young women's clothing market has been a lot of attention, but as the clothing market is increasingly fierce, continue to take the same route of assimilation, will continue to increase competitive pressures, and to survive in this already satur

Amber formation process

Amber is a resin fossil that was buried in the ground tens of millions of years ago. After a certain chemical change, it is an organic mineral. Amber has a wide variety of shapes and is divided into different types depending on the color shape. Let's take a loo

OFUON clothes how? Look at the user evaluation

OFUON is one of the brands of Itokin in Japan. It also includes iimk, avv and KLEINPLUS + under the well-known IDUNTIN in China. Ofuon is located in the 25-year-old working women, providing them with a set of working hours and usually wear casual, simple clothing a

Identification of high quality linen mats

The linen mat has the advantages of heat absorption and sweat absorption, and is gentler and more comfortable than straw mats and bamboo mats. Other mats will stick to people when they sweat, and people will be very irritated; experiments have shown that the antibacterial function of f

Winter comes to myself and her husband choose a down jacket

The advent of winter, the beautiful women who can not withstand the test of temperature, and quickly put on down jacket to resist the cold it! At the same time, do not forget to choose a good husband down jacket. So, what brand of quality down jacket, but also fash