Fishery brand women's return to the plain nature of fresh every day

We have planned in the future, or those who read fashion design in college. Have an own clothing brand , do your own favorite design and things - have fun. We are proud to have a customer base that loves the culture of our clothing. I hope they have the same mood w

What are sister gemstones - rubies and sapphires?

Ruby and sapphire are beautiful and transparent corundum. Their chemical composition is aluminum oxide. When pure, it should be colorless. It contains a small amount of pigment ions and has different colors, such as chrome-containing red color - ruby. Titanium and

Dair Almirah brand ladies light familiar shape easy to create

" Dyer's Poetry " a little crazy but always elegant, wanton fantasy and understand subtle, is to enjoy the driving force of life. "Dairy Associants Poetry" integrates optimistic, confident and independent contemporary spirit of modern women,

How to Treat Customers with the Sales of Harry Potter Bear Children's Clothes

Business or factory mistakes is normal, but in the face of customer complaints negative and positive treatment of the outcome is certainly not the same. Negative treatment will not only lose customers but also lose the credibility of the product, the long run must have no customer source. The

Bright color with a single product to lead the winter fashion

This site on December 27 hearing, Amy's girls have long led the fashion of the winter, a variety of new styles and styles have begun to be appreciated, and now when the style and style are refurbished can no longer be refurbished, the color change becomes a leader Wint

Brakes big test: your shoes are suitable for driving?

[Ben Wang - shoes and life] for a while before there are similar reports put it bluntly, "UGG" cotton-padded shoes car has problems, can cause brake failure, which caused a what kind of brake on the results of a series of discussions we wear different shoes. So a

Pencil club Christmas carnival, happy Star River

Christmas always makes children expect endlessly, because the Christmas tree is dazzlingly beautiful, there is a mysterious gift in Santa's pocket, the Christmas stocking hanging on the bedside is full of infinite illusions, if the socks are turned over, is not the whole world Is our gift?