Textile Terms - Wool

Textile Terms - Wool Wool - Introduction

One of the earliest human natural fibers used in textiles. The history of the use of wool by humans dates back to the Neolithic Age, from C

The costume prop industry is now the "home barrel" mode

Clothing store to buy props can be one-stop solution. Unlike previous props that can only buy a number of props from different companies, garment companies can now purchase the display items they need for a specialty store at a time.

Providing the abo

Identify the authenticity of the bedding products

In the current home textile market, there are mixed products, and various products are difficult to distinguish between authenticity and inferiority. This gives us a problem to solve as a consumer. The real and fake market is confused by our eyes. However, savvy people should also have

Analysis of the four areas for outdoor sleeping bag

The main indicator of sleeping bags is the temperature scale, also called comfortable low temperature. Comfortable low temperature means that when the outside temperature drops to a certain temperature, most people feel comfortable using the sleeping bag, and if the temperature is lower

Bebe stores announces fourth quarter earnings report for 2012

United States well-known women's clothing retailers bebe stores, recently announced the fourth quarter of this year's financial report. As of June 30, 2012, bebe stores total retail sales of $119.1 million in the fourth quarter. Sales for the same peri

Lerario apparel brand debut in Shenzhen, Shenzhen 2012 clothing show

Lerario apparel brand debut in Shenzhen, Shenzhen 2012 clothing show! Italy Lerario clothing brand by Francesco Lerario was founded in the early 1860s, the early Francesco is excellent fabric and workmanship meticulous won the upper class in Milan favor. The real development of the Lerario clo