Jie Jie children underwear boutique show the vibrant charm of women

Guangzhou City Man-Jieer Garments Co., Ltd. was born in Guangzhou on the mainland, founded in 1997, in 1999 formally run lingerie chain special operations, it is a professional underwear design, production and marketing of the modern enterprise. Jie Jie children wi

Paper gold price sideways consolidation

According to a report released by the American Institute for Supply Management, non-manufacturing activities in the country rebounded significantly in February, and the expansion rate rose sharply to a new high in a year, mainly supported by strong orders for

Zun Chen boutique men underwear quality of life and health partners

Underwear and skin close contact, is the body's closest partner, so the underwear on the fabric requirements are very strict, only high-quality fabrics to the body to bring the most intimate care. Zun Chen underwear is a well-known clothing underwear Co., Ltd.

Children's favorite make Mummy Star children's clothing

"Mammy's Star" from the United States, Europe and the United States market has more than 10 years of famous children's clothing brand. The main design service object is height 100cm-160cm of middle-aged children. Every style of clothing is strongly sought after "fashion,

Increased risk in the UK apparel retail industry

Editor's note: Recently, the British clothing retail industry was affected by consumers’ tightening expenditures. The overall operating conditions were poor. Some companies’ debt pressure was high, and the phenomenon of bankruptcy and bankrup

The princess style is sweet and elegant.

Ben Wang, February 21 hearing, in the hot TV drama "step by step startling" Liu Shi poem that kind of calm and elegant princess style temperament you do not want to have it? Just like the palace princess LOOK gentle, affectionate The appearance is the image of ma

A new generation of green children's wear brand - Beibei Yiyi

Zhejiang Beibei Yiyi Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, is a collection of research and development, production and sales in one, the franchise, "Beibei Yiyi BBYY" brand children's clothing of the modern enterprise. The company is headquartered in China clothing city - Wenzh

Small woman fashion underwear shape feminine sexy posture

Small women's boutique underwear to Asian women's physical characteristics, combined with medical, aesthetics, design principles of soft, adopt the world's most fashionable elements and the highest quality high-tech fabric made, she created a lot of loc