Teach you to choose the right size for home textiles

Only if you are familiar with the size of the bedding, you can choose the right home textiles correctly. Otherwise, even if you have refined beds, the size is not matched, and there is no beauty in laying on the bed. The home textile brand Violet, specializing in the home textile indust

"Saji" suit: China's first luxury men's clothing brand available

China Garment Co., Ltd. recently announced in Beijing, is building China's first luxury men's brand, the custom brand name is "Sajik." "Sajima" in foreign countries is the name of the Italian "SORGERE", meaning "rising sun." Francesco Fiordell, c

Han Lyle underwear high quality extraordinary

Han Lier underwear health lingering strong advertising media support, quickly improve brand awareness of the market, the company for different stages of brand development, joint television, Internet, magazines and other multi-dimensional perspective of all-dimensio

Pick quality, look at prices, choose home textiles

In fact, for the bed, its landscape line counts the number of sheets and quilt cover, and the pillowcases are mutually exclusive. The color of the bedroom in the home mainly comes from the bedding. We can choose different styles, different colors, bedspread sh

Etiquette Jade Series

Xu Shen of the Eastern Han Dynasty said in the Shuwen Wenzi: “The semi-guidance is a sin.” This shows that the shape of Yu Xi is similar to Yu Gui. The difference is that the jadeite has a flat rectangular shape with one end with a beveled edge and