US 1888 Textile Plant Acquires Lighthouse Loom Curtain Business

In order to expand its product portfolio, the US-based home textiles supplier 1888 Textiles acquired a home business curtains development and production company, the Lighthouse Loom, which is another US-based company. However, the terms of the agreement have n

Warm fur warm winter

Ben Wang, October 27th, the woman who does not have girlfriends party must have a boring day. The time when those girlfriends put their wines together can let you forget what this year is, but it can clearly remind you that everyone is wearing this season. what. Emotional intellige

The goal of SEO is to grab users

[China Glass Network] Baidu is paying more and more attention to the user experience. The ranking of a website is very dependent on the user's stickiness. Imagine that search engines are all for the user. If the user says it is good, it is really good. In fa

New urban VIRGIE CHAN - because you exist

VIRGIECHAN created a wise and strong fusion of artistic women; traditional elegance, medieval luxury, feminist independence, slightly arrogant self. Huayi magnificent Italian luxury lifestyle, the female carved in the original bright colors and maintain a noble att

Market Analysis and Prediction of Acrylic Fiber and Other Products

Since entering into the second half of October, the spot market for acrylic fiber in the raw material upstream of acrylic fiber in the domestic regions has been relatively light, and the sales pressure of manufacturers in some domestic regions has been relativ

Hyosung high-performance fiber new product line

Recently, Hyosung Korea announced that training for employees selling nylon polyester yarns and PU products has been basically completed. Sales personnel who have in-depth knowledge of various products produced by Hyosung will be assigned to the company. Aroun

The "breathe" film is easy to use

Guests: Cai Zhaohui, deputy general manager of the Engineering Technology Development Center of Foshan Plastics Group Co., Ltd. As the upper garment enterprise, the trend and development of fabrics are always expected, especially the introduction of new techno