"Pencil Club" to create a beautiful future for children

Pencil Club is Tim Cheung Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. for children aged 1-15 specifically for the creation of high-end children's clothing brand, the series includes men and women children's clothes, shoes, hats, socks and so on. Pencil Club strives for perfection in environmental

Hongfan children's clothing, cartoon culture from the Indian nation

Inspired by the cartoon culture of the Indian nation, INJUNBOY children's wear is characterized by the simplicity and simplicity of the Indian nationality. It also shows the personality of young children who are lively, longing for fashion and have their own beliefs. Has a unique cultural

r100 children's wear, the German fashion sports youth equipment

Germany, located in the middle of Europe, is a rigorous, realistic and advocating country with a long tradition of sports and a long history of physical education. r100 ah 100 adhering to this excellence, the pursuit of excellence in sports ideas, is committed to creating an international pro

Pakistan's value-added textile exports rise sharply

In March, the share of Pakistan's value-added textile exports in total textile exports rose to 74%, and the historical average was 56-60%. This should be thanks to the downturn in the yarn market.

Of the total textile exports of US$1.249 billion i

Join Bin, experience "chain + regional agency" business model

From the German urban fashion men's brand BENBO (Bin Bao) in 2002 by the Hong Kong well-known fashion brand agency Kim Shin Hing Group into the Asia Pacific region. In order to better develop the business of BENBO in the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong Jinshixing Group set up Guangdong Binb