Multi-functional noise absorption fabrics come out

Recently, the Italian Aitex Textile Institute Institute of Integrated Textile Technology (ITT) has developed a multi-functional fabric called "FocusAlfa". R&D personnel said that in addition to being decorative, the fabric also possesses a variet

MYOKIE Women's unbearable fashion charm

March 28-31, 2011 China International Apparel & Fashion Fair (CHIC2011) opened in Beijing in spring, from the French high fashion ladies Meiya Qi MYOKIE, a strong presence in China, emphasizing the urban women's personality style, with a keen Fashion sense

Super power wild boots

Ben Wang News on January 6th, modeling full of warm and handsome winter LOOK, natural wind dress is the most popular winter reward. No matter what kind of outfit you wear, it looks good.

Offside juvenile reassurance of good quality

Out-of-juvenile outfit to provide children the most environmentally friendly, safest and most comfortable clothing as their responsibility, in the production process excellence and strict control, so that every piece of clothing has a quality assurance. Offside juvenile equipment on the choice

To meet the full needs of children Burberry Bear brand children's clothing

Burberry is a self-owned brand founded by Shanghai Zhenxin Garment Co., Ltd. The Burberry Cubs are designed with the style of "simple, stylish and healthy" to lock the children's fashion clothes brand aged 3-16 years old. Burberry Cubs products varied, including: clothing, sweate

Capital zoom locks three large grids

Brand-enhanced Shandong Ruyi integrated overseas resources main terminal Shandong Ruyi In recent years, the focus of the operation of the group company from the manufacturer to the brand-operated company's transformation, the part of the listed company is

2011 men's trend: the classic style of masculine popular

Men's fashion trend completely different from women's, because it cycle longer than women's a lot. We can find some new clues from the recent works of top big names and famous designers. These new elements and features may be the trend of 2011 and even the next few years. Do not wo