Handmade leather bag on the tool

Handmade leather bag on the tool - 1, leather knife / knife: leather knife is mainly used for cutting leather, we must find a good feel in order to be more detailed in the cutting process, where the proposed day Wood handle show times knives, the price is about between 10 to 40 bars. At the same ti-----

How silk is made by hand

First of all, you should choose the best double-clan silkworm cocoon (that is, there are two cocoons inside) Burning - dialing - opening - pulling: 1, burning: (basic is the most important) Cooking boiled, boiled oysters are very particular, first of all, time must be mastered, boiled too ba-----

Middle-aged women's brand which

For a long time, young women's clothing market has been a lot of attention, but as the clothing market is increasingly fierce, continue to take the same route of assimilation, will continue to increase competitive pressures, and to survive in this already saturated young women's apparel ma-----