The Present and Future of Jewelry Show

< div class="article-con"> In recent years, with the rapid development of the jewelry industry, more and more jewellery exhibitions of various sizes have been organized and become more and more frequent. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly one hundred large and small jewe-----

China's first exhibition of foreign fossils

A large-scale public-welfare publicity event organized by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Land and Resources and the Shenyang Normal University, “Treasure of the Earth's Resources, 2014 Ma Foshi Special Exhibition,” was grandly exhibited at the Liaoning Ancient Biolog-----

Home textile fabric introduction - silk

Silk is a natural protein fiber that is smooth, soft, shiny and comfortable to wear. It is called the fiber queen. Silk was first produced in China, and China's silk production still ranks first in the world. In addition, silk is produced in Japan and Italy. Silk is divided into two types: -----