Lee Lang Men's L2 brand TVC CCTV broadcast telling

The L2 brand TVC will be broadcast on the CCTV-5 broadcast sports competition on June 9, 2012. It is a 15-second advertisement with an average of not less than 1 time per game and a total of not less than 30 times during the competition. At the same time CCTV-1 as a broadcast platform, will also -----

Autumn flat shoes pierce casually

This site September 11 hearing, regardless of the seasons, women can not be less is a pair of comfortable casual flat shoes, comfortable and durable flat shoes can wear fresh and natural, intellectual elegance, modern personality, able to calm and so many Kind of style. In the fall, a pair of simp-----

Often wear high heels careful knee osteoarthritis

[This site - shoes and life] beauty women have to pay attention. Summer is the best season to step on high heels and skirts. The high-heeled shoes in the shoe cupboard are more than a “hate day”, and let the girls call it an itch. However, behind the beauty, do you know how much beauty-----