Emerald knowledge about the land

Those who know the knowledge of jade know that the land of jade is also called the land, the land and the bottom. In fact, it means that the green part of the jadeite is the basis of the jadeite. Through the foundation, you can clearly understand the background and structu-----

Brother's Amashi AMASS Women's 2015 new girlfri…

There is such a person in the world that she smiles with you when you are happy. She cries with you when you are sad. In the years of youth, when you feel lonely, she will stay with you. She is warmer than her family. When you find happiness, she will silently bless you. She is more intimate than h-----

New Year's underwear to buy what color New Year ess…

For new clothes, too New Year! Are you fresh from head to toe, do you remember that underwear should be replaced? Although it is invisible to wear inside, but can not ignore this to accompany us a lifetime of good "girlfriends" Oh! New Year lingerie choose what color is good? Let's t-----


"Convolvulus" is known for its spiral pattern in the rock, and it is one of the more important types of stone in Linyi County (Fang 1, Photo 2). Its texture is gray, gray-red or reddish-white, and the layer is dark red, pig liver purple, spiral-shaped, concentric-----